How to Create Educational Animations in PowerPoint to “Gamify” Your Course

By: Brian Tarr

animation“Using animations in a gamification context can be effective in showing a learner when s/he has reached a desired goal. Fireworks, flags, flashing lights, etc. are an obvious way to indicate success, but animations can also be used more subtly in gamification. Merely freezing an animated background while a question is asked (and then resuming it when answered correctly), or adding an exciting transition to move on to the next part of the course, can be a stimulating experience for a user.

What is Educational Animation?

Whether it is a small moving arrow that indicates a location on a diagram, or a full-fledged cartoon-style movie on a specific topic, educational animations are images that contain movement which is intended to increase perception and retention of relevant content. For those of us who aren’t professional animators, PowerPoint’s Custom Animation effects are a quick and easy way to add some movement to images to make them more effective in teaching.” To read further please click here:


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