How To Create A Paperless Classroom With Your Blog

By:Tiziana Saponaro

paperless3Classroom ManagementMy blog is an online hub. It is mainly an information portal that I use to provide content (flipped classroom style). This is where I post educational resources such as multimedia, online quizzes, assignments, and directions for completing educational tasks. I also use my blog to showcase student work, by posting photos and videos of students, so that parents get an idea of how their children are studying with me.

Organization of notes with DropboxDropbox is an amazing tool for teachers. It is completely free and it works with any operating system or electronic device. In addition, it allows me to avoid the enormous paper stack that used to pile on my desk. It is a really effective tool which I use to post and share lessons with my students, to send them large attachments, to create online-shared folders, and to store homework assignments, handouts and articles. At the same time, students can electronically drop-off their homework. ” To read further please click here:

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