How To “Amp Up” Your Traditional Lesson Planning in Today’s Classrooms

By:Erin Klein

lesson planning“Any observer can see the vast amount of student collaboration transpiring online from teachers sharing their classroom practices via Twitter chats, class blogs or websites, Instagram, Periscope and more.  Likewise, we see the rich discussion educators are having about their pedagogical practices on weekly Twitter chats, Facebook groups, blog post comments, and more.  However, what happens next?  Granted, we (as educators) are pushing each other’s thinking and offering ideas, but how are we taking our practice a step further and truly connecting with those who we collaborate with online?
I recently shared about a great [New] resource to find content.  In my recent post titled, “Google + Pinterest + Dropbox – a Lesson Planning Dream,” I share how users can find engaging resources, save them online, and share them openly.  In a follow up post, I share how you can use it for students and parents, too!  This resource is appoLearning.
appoLearning is about better teaching through digital resources. It can support teaching and learning in a variety of ways (many of which you will see in action below). appoLearning helps teachers prepare for class lessons by quickly searching through thousands of previously submitted lessons and collections (I’ll talk more about collections in a moment) and enables teachers for the very first time to move into a next generation of real world collaboration through use of their platform. The best part of appoLearning though it allows me to not only share resources but to also have conversations around those specific resources as I collaborate with others in more meaningful ways.”: To read further please click here:

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