How Technology Is Helping Students Take Ownership Of Their Work


students following dirctions“As a teacher who has been using technology in my various learning environments for the past seven years, I pride myself in never doing the same project twice. When I taught high school physics two years ago, I was guilty of doing too much of the work for my students.

I had just begun using iBooks Author so I would spend hours creating fancy units of study for my physics students. If they made an iMovie or a Keynote I would certain bundle that material in the book; however I was still doing most of the hard work. Also, the audience who viewed the book was limited to the four walls of my classroom.

The fact that I did not allow my students to extend and expand their learning beyond the four walls of their classroom is a crime. Anything I did with my students and technology would certainly be an enhancement to their learning but it was not transformative teaching or learning.” To read further please click here:

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