How I Keep My Students Engaged

By: Andrew Robertson

onenote“Time is precious. In my classroom, in my office and in my home.”

Unfortunately for me, like many teachers, getting my hands on extra time is about as likely as getting my hands on gold dust.  I have always found myself clinging onto the routines and devices that I know and understand because I rarely have the time to try new things.  In my job spending a few hours deciphering a new software is simply not possible.  When my friend suggested I try using OneNote I was sceptical purely because I had a million other things to do.  But when she made the solemn promise that I would “gain time” I had to give it a go.

Usually intimidated by technology, I couldn’t believe the ease at which I could set up pages and resources for my students.  Within minutes I had a page for each of my A level students and a variety of to-do lists under a personal notebook.  Suddenly I didn’t find myself confronted with essays as I moved across the school site on break duty and I wasn’t collating them hastily during my lunch time.  Everything was in one place.  One very straightforward place that I could access anywhere.  My workload transformed.  It had once felt like I was a slave to my marking, shaping my life to fit each deadline but since using OneNote I now feel that my marking fits itself around me.  I now carry less and therefore I can work during any commute. If I’m stuck on a train I have my essays on OneNote.  I don’t need to plan to mark- I can just mark.  The tabs on the device enable me to structure my feedback in an engaging way.  Students recognise when I have a comment, a question or an idea I’d like them to consider.”To read further please click here:

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