How Facial Expressions Can Help With Classroom Management

By: Ariel Sacks

deeper learning“It’s late in September and the novelty of the new year is beginning to wear off.  I know some students will test the boundaries of appropriate classroom behavior to see what will happen, and others just plain struggle to get through day after day of school.  I find myself remembering a piece of helpful advice I learned in my first year of teaching.

Ms. Cunningham had been a special education teacher for decades, and was probably the most senior member of my school’s staff. That year she was serving as a literacy coach while she pursued her doctorate in education, and so I had the benefit of her eyes on my teaching from time to time.  She was known for being “old school” when it came to classroom management, and students who were unruly most anywhere else wouldn’t dream of it in her classroom.” To read further please click here:

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