How dyslexic schoolboy’s mum is taking on education bosses in bid to win him place at specialist school

Dyslexic-Homeless-Man-39042-1x3qp1h-226x300By: Jeanette Oldham

“It’s a little boy’s school diary, and it makes heart-breaking reading.

Asked to describe how his week in the classroom makes him feel, Alex Walker, 11, writes the same word against every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning: “Sad.”

The diary offers a poignant insight into the bright schoolboy’s academic struggles during his time at Moor Hall Primary in Sutton Coldfield.

He suffers from severe dyslexia, which has restricted his learning to such an extent that experts say he currently has the reading and writing age of a five to six year-old.

His loving mother Julie, wants him to receive specialist teaching from at Maple Hayes in Lichfield, which has had spectacular results with children with dyslexia.

But Birmingham City Council’s Education Authority had refused to even statutorily assess Alex for an Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan to put additional support in place, which could include funding the school placement which costs around £13,000 per year.

It claimed the youngster was making good progress in state education and wanted to place Alex at mainstream Arthur Terry Secondary School from September. It was only after campaigning mum Julie contacted the Birmingham Mail that the authority performed an astonishing U-turn within 48 hours – and has now agreed to statutorily assess the youngster.” To read further please click here:

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