How Cool is Voki? Create Fun Talking Avatars for Classroom Use

By: James Thompson

VokiI introduced Voki to EmergingEdTech readers back in 2011, and its overdue for another mention! This is a such a fun tool. Guest writer James Thompson offers a handful of approaches to using this unique application in teaching and learning. – KW

Discover Voki, a fun, unique tool for your classroom and students. The idea behind this application is to create custom-made avatars (characters that resemble living people) and give them a set of instructions to say something.

Gone are the days when asking your students to speak in front of the classroom or write up a short essay were the only ways to present. Welcome to the 21st century where technology presents us with a multitude of ways to do things – and when it comes to using technology, the kids simply love it!

You can create a free Voki account that allows for a 60 second clip, or you can for the premium version of Voki Classroom (under $30/year!), which provides for longer clips, a Classroom Management System, and more. This Classroom Management System allows you to manage lessons, review work, modify instructions, talk to other teachers using the program, and receive teaching tips offered by others in a “teacher’s corner”.”To read further please click here:

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