How can we use comics in the classroom?

By:Mathew Sullivan

comicmasterComics as a writing stimulus

In 2010, I introduced comics as a writing stimulus for the first time with a small group of high ability Year 6 pupils. If comics could be used to engage the brightest, most competent, well-read pupils in the school, I thought, then that might help to alter their perceived ‘low-brow, dumbed-down’ status.At the time, pupils in Year 6 happened to be studying World War Two. What better character to look at, then, than a superhero created, essentially, as war propaganda: Captain America.With a new film due out, and trailers and exciting imagery floating around the internet, there was no better time to introduce pupils to a character who had first appeared in Captain America Comics, way back in 1941. The children were instantly engaged, and thoroughly excited, when I told them that we were going to write the story of Captain America.But we didn’t write the story of Captain America.”To read further please click here:

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