How 2 schools use green screen iPad tools for authentic learning

By: Courtney Pepe

greenscreens“Two schools are both alike in dignity. Part of our story takes place in Jersey City, NJ while the other part takes place 32 miles away in Roslyn, NY. Some would argue that this is the best of times and the worst of times in education. This case study will celebrate what is good about education today by presenting two stories that illustrate how Green Screen technology on iPad can be used to support authentic student voice in learning environments on different ends of the educational spectrum.

In wealthy, suburban Long Island, Larry Reiff uses Green Screen technology to makeRomeo and Juliet more modern. As a humanities teacher, he is always looking for ways to infuse 21st Century skills into his units of study. He incorporates iPads, iBooks, and apps to make sure that his students can interact with complex texts in ways that will make them excited about literature that was written many centuries ago.” To read further please click here:

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