Higher Order Thinking & Creativity in PE

By:  thepegeek.com

sports“What did you get? ….Ok …Now make a game using that equipment…

Well If you’re unfamiliar with the TV Show ‘Masterchef’, then you may not be aware of the idea of the mystery box challenge.  Essentially in this challenge contestants are given a random collection of ingredients of which they need to utilise in their cooking. Creativity then takes hold and people mix these recipes into impressive meals.

With this in mind earlier this year Brendan Jones at Jonesytheteacher.net blogged about how he had utilised a mystery box challenge concept within his practical PE classroom. I simply loved the idea and it played nicely into an activity I complete regularly with my older students. So thought I would take the concept, blend in some of my favourite mobile apps and turn it into an assessment activity. Here’s how it worked;”  To  read further please click here:

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