Guide to Student-to-Student Teaching With Online Video

By: Edudemic Staff

videoss“You may already be using video to support your lessons, but have you considered encouraging your students to create them? Student-to-student videos enhance student understanding of a subject as well as student creativity and critical thinking skills. In a recent KQED MindShift article, Katrina Schwartz lauds peer-created videos for their ability to reach struggling students in ways that you as a teacher cannot. No longer are videos a distraction or a tool used only by teachers; videos can create a richer learning experience.
Why Use Student-to-Student Video
As teachers, we often adopt the “sage on the stage” attitude, in which we project knowledge onto our students. After all, we’re older than they are, we’ve been teaching for years, so it should follow that we know more than they do. While that may be true, all the knowledge in the world may not effectively reach the student who is struggling with the material. Who can reach those students? Their fellow classmates.”To read further please click here:

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