Google Forms: Creating a Rubric

By: Alice Keeler

google forms“Google Forms has so many  applications for education. For students to fill out to submit data to the teacher, for the teacher to record data on observations about students, for students and teachers to monitor their progress on a task they are tracking, for self and peer evaluation and so much more. Google Forms is the magic ingredient to help your classroom go paperless. Almost anything you were collecting on paper can now be collected through a Google Form.
Google Forms are great for using as a rubric. It allows you to quickly assess each student against the rubric and have all of the results in one spreadsheet for you to analyze.
Self and Peer Evaluation
I am big into self and peer evaluation where students fill out the rubric for their own work or that of their peers. A little math: 30 students evaluating 30 students is 900 pieces of paper!! I do not want to collect and look through and organize 900 pieces of paper. Using a Google Form those 900 lines of data are neatly organized in a spreadsheet.” To read further please click here:

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