Google Classroom: First Impressions

By:Konrad M. Lawson

google classrooms“The new learning management system (LMS) offered to Google Apps for Education users has recently become fully available: Google Classroom. In its current early incarnation, the option may be attractive for instructors who are not currently using an LMS and want to give one a try, but only if they are already using the Google Apps for Education or have a registered domain that they can configure for its use.

Once Google Classroom app has been added to your account and a class has been setup, the interface is a familiar clean Google environment allowing the posting of updates and files into a class stream, the invitation of students directly or via a class code, and the creation of class assignments with deadlines, attachments, and an interface for monitoring student progress and posting grades. Stream updates, assignments, and student submissions can all have comments added to them. Feedback on “returned” and graded assignments can be provided in an added note, but I did not see any option to return an attached document (an annotated PDF of the submitted file, for example).”

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