Going All In: How to Make Competency-Based Learning Work

By:Katrina Schwartz

competency“New Hampshire is the first state to change its education policies to credit high school students — and soon elementary and middle school students, too — for progressing based on what they’ve mastered, not the number of hours they spend in school. Known as a competency-based system, the idea is to define the core skills and concepts students should master and only move them forward once they’ve achieved mastery of every competency rather than their “seat time.”

In traditional schools, students progress if their average grade is high enough, which may leave room for holes in their understanding of concepts they’ll need in future classes. In the most alternative application of a competency-based system, age-based grade levels would disappear and students would move through concepts at their own pace, regardless of age or grade.” To read further please click here:http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/06/going-all-in-how-to-make-competency-based-learning-work/

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