Getting started with e-portfolios

By:Lisa Gray

eportfolio“Many educators see e-portfolios as vital to learning, teaching and assessment. Our quick guide takes you through the basics.

What are e-portfolios?

They are digital presentations of a student’s experiences, achievements and aspirations for a particular audience – the digital equivalent of a paper portfolio – but the term often refers also to the underlying tools and systems.

However, it is the learning that really matters. Creating an e-portfolio involves skills essential for 21st century learning – organising and planning material, giving and receiving feedback, reflecting, selecting and arranging content to communicate with a particular audience in the most effective way.

It is these rich and complex processes that are of most interest and value to educators.

What are they used for?

Different sectors, disciplines and professional bodies have their own approaches, but our research shows that e-portfolios are valuable at all stages in the learning lifecycle.”To read further please click here:

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