Get to Know ClassDojo – Manage and Motivate Your Class With Ease (Totally Free)

By: Kelly Walsh

DOjo“In Week 11 of the Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge we checked out ClassDojo. As with many of the fun free tools we’ve been checking out, the feedback has been quite positive. K-12 teachers use ClassDojo to encourage students with positive feedback, make it easy to communicate with parents, and save time!

I could write more about it, but it’s so much better to hear it straight from our reader’s … teachers who have commented on the ClassDojo challenge page and provided enthusiastic and informative feedback!

Teachers Share Their Love for ClassDojo

“When I saw this app posted, I was elated!

I have taught students enrolled in our Teacher Ed. Preparation Program how to implement this app in their classroom since the app was released in August 2011″ To read further please click here:

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