Gamification? Pointless for learning

By: David Dodgson

games for class“Gamification’ is a term that has indeed been around for a few years now.  Yet, like many terms and buzzwords it seems to mean different things to different people. It often gets confused with one of my favourite educational terms: ‘game-based learning’. However, they are quite different.I won’t go into too much detail as I have covered this before on my ELT Sandbox blog, but in briefgamification is the application of game-style elements, such as points, levels and challenges, to a non-gaming context (e.g. the language classroom) whereas game-based learning is about the actual use of games in the learning process as a source of and an inspiration for learner language.Each term has its problems: gamification suffers from the issue of being over-used as a superficial way to motivate students with ‘points’; and game-based learning suffers from being confused withgamification!As shamelessly plugged just above, I run a blog about game-based learning but this confusion often leads to people asking me about gamification. And they are often surprised by my response: that I believe it simply isn’t worth the effort to make it work properly.” To read further please click here:

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