From the Classroom to the Cloud – Skype and the Future of Learning

By:Tim Bush

skype-granny“How do children learn in places so remote there is no formal access to teachers or schools? How do children with learning disabilities prosper?  How do children with a passion to learn more than is expected in class, stay inspired and engaged?  Do children learn more working in groups or working alone?  These kinds of questions have been asked by researchers and educators for decades.  Hypotheses are tested every day throughout the world, and thanks to innovation, philanthropy, and technology, great progress is being made.  Children are learning in ways they never could before.

Another tool has now entered the sphere of innovation around learning that begins to address many of the questions above.  It won’t arrive in a box or in a student’s backpack.  And it won’t cost a thing.  This new offering comes in a cloud – the School in The Cloud.  This is the work of Professor Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University in England.  The School in the Cloud is a free web platform where groups of young children join volunteer educators via a Skype video call to find the answers to “big questions”, using the internet and their own collective brainpower.  The educators, “Skype Grannies” as they are referred to by the children, are there to encourage curiosity and give support, but not to teach.  The children teach themselves.  Sugata calls it self-organized learning.” To read further please click here:

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