Free iPad App Lets Teachers Give Quick Feedback

By:Dian Schaffhauser

apps2“A new, free app for the iPad allows teachers to give students quick feedback in multiple forms. Created by a former Chicago high school teacher, Classkickshows students’ efforts on the iPad in a whiteboard-like environment as they work through problems and activities, allowing the instructor to provide real-time feedback.

The app includes “quick buttons,” a list of common responses the teacher will use in his or her comments, which can be plucked from the list and dropped onto a student’s whiteboard. “Stickers” serve a similar purpose, enabling the instructor to provide a virtual gold star to the learner’s work.

To create a lesson the teacher can grab a screenshot from another source, such as a Web page, crop the content to create a digital worksheet, add images and audio and rearrange assignments.” To read further please click here:

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