Flipped Classroom: Engaging Students with EdPuzzle

By: Catlin Tucker

EDpuzzle“The flipped classroom model is a blended learning strategy I use to present my vocabulary, writing, and grammar instruction online. Students watch videos at home where they can control the pace of their learning, then they come to class prepared to apply that information in collaborative student-centered activities.

One thing I emphasize when I lead professional development for teachers is the importance of flipping and engaging. Instead of simply consuming information, I want students to think critically about that information. This requires that I design flipped lessons that encourage students to ask questions, analyze the information, and discuss concepts with peers asynchronously online to begin making sense of the information they are receiving at home. There are a variety of ways to do this. I authored a resource for MindShift titled “Teachers’ Guide to Using Videos,” which includes a section describing a range of strategies a teacher can employ to flip and engage.

A newer tool I’m excited to use with students come fall is EDpuzzle. Here’s how it works!” To read further please click here:http://catlintucker.com/2015/06/flipped-classroom-engaging-students-with-edpuzzle/

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