Failing Forward: 21 Ideas To Help Students Keep Their Momentum

By: Terry Heick

project“Failing Forward” is a relatively recent entry into our cultural lexicon–at least as far has headlines go anyway–that has utility for students and teachers.

Popularized from the book of the same name, the idea behind failing forward is to see failing as a part of success rather than its opposite. Provided we keep moving and pushing and trying and reflecting, failure should, assuming we’re thinking clearly, lead to progress, So rather than failing and falling back, we fail forward. Tidy little metaphor.

So what might this look like in your classroom?

Failing Forward In The Classroom: 21 Ideas To Help Students Keep Their Momentum

1. Design iterative work (i.e., work that deserves and is conducive to revision and iteration)

How does this promote failing forward? If there’s no stopping point, then mistakes are simply opportunities.

Say: “Your design work on the app blueprint is coming along nicely. Awesome job using the feedback from the subreddit you got the idea from.”

2. Use project-based learning”  

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