Exploring the Idea of ‘Happiness’ As Part of School Work

By: Katrina Schwartz

classroom-to-classroom-620x369“Happiness isn’t often a big topic of conversation in classrooms. Amidst the rush to meet standards, raise test scores, and provide engaging learning experiences, not to mention the daily chaos of students’ lives, many educators don’t have much time to bring up issues around students’ happiness.

But what if students could explore an important life lesson about how to identify and replicate happiness as they’re doing school work? That’s the premise behind New Tech Network’s Global Happiness Project. The driving question behind the project is this: What elements contribute to a happy and healthy society? More than 240 teachers across in 43 states and 11 countries are taking up that challenge.” To read further please click here: http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/04/exploring-the-idea-of-happiness-as-part-of-school-work/

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