Exploring Microsoft OneNote for Teaching and Learning

onenote“Kelly Walsh

“Share, Brainstorm, Collaborate, Organize, for free, with OneNote.

After being introduced to Microsoft OneNote at the UB Tech 2015 conference, I found myself really curious to learn more about it and take it for a test drive. My interest comes from two perspectives – one, as a tool for productivity within my department, and secondly, as a tool for teaching and learning.OneNote is a unique tool that makes it easy to gather lots of information in one place, and is great for collaboration, sharing, projects, group work, and much more. It is free for use in education, and is often included with MS Office (depending on which version you have).Focusing on teaching and learning, I searched the web using phrases like “Microsoft OneNote in the classroom”. I sought content from educators (as opposed to materials directly from Microsoft), to get an independent perspective.Here are some of the better resources I found about using OneNote for instructional purposes. I thought these were informative and hope you will too!If you aren’t aware of OneNote, this is a good way to learn a bit about this highly capable and unique tool. If you’re just getting started learning about OneNote, I think you’ll find some useful information here. ” To read further please click here: http://www.emergingedtech.com/2015/07/microsoft-onenote-for-teaching-and-learning/

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