Everyone Learns when Blogging Changes Classrooms

blog11By: Sam Patterson

“Blogging in the classroom was a watershed discovery for me.  I had such an acute need for a better way to manage my student’s writing, but I was wary of blogging.  There are challenges to helping students learn in an online community.  Until I met Matt Hardy from KidBlog, I viewed these risks as too big to manage on my own.  I believe that as a teacher I have to both innovate and protect my own professional reputation.  When I heard Matt talk about how he created KidBlog to support exactly the kind of connected learning I want to happen in my classroom, I realized how accessible this learning is now.  Using school specific tools like Kidblog, or  Edublogs, can give you more control and management potential than using conventional tools like Blogger, or WordPress

Blogging organizes your student’s writing and makes it searchable.

If you have ever tried to move 24 spiral notebooks at the same time you have to look at blogging.  When students write on the blog, or submit their work to the blog via email, the blog becomes my system to organize student work.  This got their work out of my inbox and into the blog.

Blogging means it is shareable.

When my student blog it is easy to allow them to read each other’s work and comment on the posts.  We teach the art of conversing in comments.  Students write about what they care about and their classmates respond.  This isn’t just writing, this is community building.” To read further please click here:


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