Enlisting Student Moderators for Classroom Blog Posts

By: Wesley Fryer

blogsing“What a beautiful sight this was today in our school library! A team of 4th and 5th grade student volunteers, who have been working as mentors in our enhanced eBook project, are now helping moderate both comments and student posts on the 22 classroom blogs we have at our school.

I wish we had enlisted the help of students to do this at the start of the year! Basically, students are checking to make sure there is not any profanity, bullying, or other inappropriate text in the comments or posts. If they have a question about whether a comment or post is appropriate, I’m right there to discuss it with them and make a decision to approve or delete the entry.

Due to schedules and priorities, we haven’t ever provided face-to-face training / guidance to all our classroom teachers this year on how to use and moderate KidBlog posts and comments. As a result, it’s been very overwhelming for me to deal with the quantity of posts and comments students have created on these blogs. I setup the KidBlogs for all 22 classes at our school at the start of the year, which I’ve used in my STEM classes. Our librarian, who I’ve been collaborating with on our eBook project, has also worked with all our classes and taught students how to both post appropriate comments as well as posts. ” To read further please click here :


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