Enhancing student learning using educational technology

By: edtechschools.com

frog-learnThe idea

If you asked your Year 11 class to go and revise using suitable websites and expected them to know which past papers to download, on which exam board website, and which option papers to click on, could they all do it? Even if your students do this, the trawl for information can be extremely time consuming for students. Moreover, exam board websites aren’t always the most user-friendly environments for students

This was the problem we faced, until we found a great solution using FrogLearn.

Together, with a head of house, we planned the idea of a Year 11 revision centre that would know the subjects that each student studied and it would provide them with a personalised revision centre of exam papers and websites that would match their needs.


Our VLE is FrogLearn, and, while the product is incredible, it isn’t natively strong in terms of individually personalising itself to meet the needs of different users. You can assign sites to groups and students, but Frog doesn’t instinctively lay itself out to match the subjects and key stages of students. However, the powerful new APIs that Frog released have allowed us to easily, and quickly, create a personalised Year 11 revision centre.”To read further please click here:  http://edtechschool.com/

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