Enhancing presentations for the multimedia generation

By:Tracey Duffy

multimediaaToday sees the launch of our new infokit “Enhancing Presentations for the Multimedia Generation”, which aims to provide guidance on best approaches in using presentation software such as  PowerPoint, Prezi and SlideShare, looking at their advantages and disadvantages, using multimedia to enhance the content as well as sharing with students and learners. It will also explore the possibilities of using new tools that have now emerged to further enhance presentations.

Presentation of learning material is a key task for institutional staff, and meaning can often be lost or misinterpreted if such areas as design are not considered. With the use of multimedia, in order to enhance the content, there are further considerations to take on board. However, learners are looking for more engaging and timely ways of receiving learning content and with the examples of new tools discussed in this infokit help to address this need.” To read further please click here:


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