Engage Students with ThingLink Video

By:Susan Oxnevad

thingy“In Week 5 of the ThingLink Teacher Challenge participants are encouraged to design a media rich guided learning experience to engage students with ThingLink Video. These annotated video lessons work well because they allow students to progress at their own pace, providing opportunities for review and challenge. Once a ThingLink Video lesson is created and published, it can be accessed at school or at home as an extension of the classroom. Best of all, these lessons can be powered by Google Docs to provide data, student accountability, and opportunities for feedback.

About ThingLink Video

ThingLink interactive video can contain clickable hotspots such as text, images, video, music, Google Docs and maps. Hotspots appear for the viewer during play giving an option to explore the embedded content while pausing the video in the background to explore resources. ThingLink for Video allows educators to personalize existing video content.To read further please click here: http://d97cooltools.blogspot.com/2015/08/engage-students-with-thinglink-video.html

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