Dr. Scott’s Top 10 Tips for Learning in Nature

By:Dr.Scott Simpson

nature“Because I am always looking at birds and listening to their songs, my daughter Jade has become something of a birdwatcher too. As parents and educators, we can help children discover their true passions and learn with and from the natural world. Here are my 10 key principals to inspire a love of learning in nature:

1. Make New Habits

Take some time to discover the varieties of wild or semi-wild nature close to your home and explore these places with your children. Most young children will have no problem engaging with their natural surroundings. Their curious minds are built to do just that. Older children who’ve established a bias toward electronic screens may take a little more coaxing; this is where grown-ups need to exercise some imagination, and even foster a trickster mentality. Rather than telling children that they need to go out because it’s good for them, think about encouraging them to play games like tag and kick the can. The key here is to establish nature as the fun and preferred option for playtime.” To read further please click here:http://gettingsmart.com/2015/04/how-to-raise-a-wild-child-the-art-and-science-of-falling-in-love-with-nature/

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