Detroit Public Schools Moving to Microsoft to Prep Kids for the Future

By:Microsoft Education Team

microsoft“For over a decade, administrators and teachers at Detroit Public Schools (DPS) have tried a slew of hardware and software solutions to aid in educating the district’s students, and one way or another most of the technology fell short. They recently set out to create a new approach to integrating technology into the classroom that would better prepare students with skills for success in the future while meeting the daily educational requirements of the district. After careful research they selected a Microsoft-centric approach for unifying classroom devices, software, and even IT infrastructure.A first step in the new program was adding to the district’s existing technology with the DPS IT Division’s purchase of  2,500 Windows-based Dell Venue 11 tablets, which will be distributed as a pilot program to a select number of schools serving grades K through 8. The touchscreen wireless devices run on Windows 8.1 and are configured with an Intel i5 processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabyte solid-state drives.

Mark Bartoski, the district’s Executive Director of Technology, says it’s the first big step in providing powerful touchscreen wireless devices that do not have any limitations in running software used throughout the district.

“We have limitations with iPads in running core school applications, such as Renaissance Learning and Carnegie Math,” says Bartoski. “We are also not able to secure, manage, track and update iPads like we can with Windows-based computers.” To read further please click here:

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