Our daily schedule in preschool

By:Deborah J.Stewart

preschoools“I always find it interesting to learn how others run their classroom day. I suppose you could say that our daily preschool is fairly typical but perhaps it is typical to me because it is what I have always implemented. I wanted to share it with you but I hope you will share your schedule with me too so I can compare what we do with how others approach a typical day in preschool…

First, it is important to note that my students come two to three days a week and three hours on each day. We have two classrooms that we use throughout the school year which includes an outdoor and an indoor classroom. The outdoor classroom is closed during the really cold months of winter because it has no heat or windows to help protect the kids from the really cold days of winter. When our outdoor classroom is back up and running our daily schedule will be modified just a bit to allow us time for the outdoor classroom…

This is a general overview of our daily schedule just to give you an idea of how our days are structured. I won’t go into every detail because this would be a very long blog post if I did but I will link up to some parts of our day that I have written about in detail as I go along. We start our day by coming into the classroom, putting coats and back packs in our cubbies, then signing in on our sign-in sheet…” To read further please click below:


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