Creating a Dynamic Facebook Page for Your School

By: Anne O’Brien

obrien-use-facebook-for-school-pr-460x345“There are a number of reasons that educators use social media. Most often, we talk about its potential impact on student engagement and learning, educator professional growth and family communications. We speak less frequently about another important use: Marketing and public relations.

Historically, most public schools haven’t actively marketed themselves — and they haven’t needed to. But in the evolving landscape of public education, with ever-present conversations about school choice and concerns about school quality, that is changing. As Principal Michael Waiksnis wrote in Principal Leadership:

“Public education has been taking a beating in the press and in popular culture for some time now. If you judge schools solely by the news and peoples’ perceptions, all US educators would all be working in downright awful schools. But the truth isn’t close to what is portrayed by many of those outside education. As educators working on the front lines every day, what can we do to accurately tell our stories?”

One place where schools and districts can take charge of their image is Facebook. And as of September 2013, 71 percent of online adults used Facebook — so the audience is there.” To read further please click here:

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