Class Management with Class Dojo

By:Dave Dodgson

dojoWhat is Class Dojo?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Class Dojo is in short an online version of a points reward system. It allows the teacher to reward examples of positive behaviour and hard work with a +1 and there is also the option to flag instances of undesirable behaviour (or things that ‘need work’ as the site itself states). All you need is an in-class internet connection and a teacher account for the website.
“But why do this online?” you may ask. Well, if you have kept a paper-based points system in class before, you know how much work that can be – constantly producing charts, posters, cards and other ways to track points that need updating and replacing at regular intervals… With Class Dojo, you just need to enter your students’ names into the system and your class is ready to go. Each student also gets a cute little alien/monster avatar (there are also ‘critters’ if you have older students who might find these babyish), which can be edited if they have a student code, this making the whole process more personalised.” To read further please click here:

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