Changing Lives with OneNote Notebook Classroom Creator

microsoft“I rarely blog. There are enough “geeks” out there telling you all about the latest and greatest technology. When I do blog, it’s because somehow in the work I do every day I’ve managed to make a difference in people’s lives.

About nine months ago I had the privilege and opportunity to work with two fantastic colleagues at Microsoft – Jonathan Grudin from Microsoft Research and Mike Tholfsen from the Microsoft Office product development team. Mike and Jonathan had a vision for how to revolutionize classroom learning through technology. While there are many companies selling classroom management systems and digital content, none focused on the relationship between teachers and their students. Through years of hands-on research, they developed a theory for how technology could be used in the classroom to enhance teacher-led education. They educated me on the subtleties of running a classroom, of delivering content and assignments to students, of providing practice areas for students where teachers can support and interact with students in a safe, private environment.

So, where did I come in? I took on the challenge to create a classroom notebook creator, and I built it with my team in Beijing. We built a simple utility for Office 365 that creates classroom notebooks for students and teachers.  The utility helps teachers and administrators structure their notebooks, add students from the class, set permissions, and then generate the notebook. ” To read further please click here:

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