Nov 07

5 Important Tips on How to Better Annotate YouTube Videos to Use with Your Students

By: Med Kharbach

Youtube“YouTube video editor is absolutely a powerful video editing platform to use in your instruction to create and edit videos. It provides almost all the pro features you normally find in a premium video software and all for free. Our YouTube for Teachers series here in EdTech and mLearning attempts to help teachers make the best of YouTube in their teaching by providing them with educational channels designed specifically to tend to teachers educational video content as well as resources featuring  tips and tricks on how to create and edit  instructional videos on Youtube. In today’s post we are introducing you to a very important feature called annotations.” To read further please click here:

Oct 25

5 YouTube science channels primary school teachers need to know about

By:Fran Barnes

Youtube“Why should primary teachers use YouTube?YouTube is now an essential part of the internet and for many young people, it’s almost entirely replaced TV. For every Minecraft tutorial out there, there’s an education channel dedicated to providing high-quality teaching content. And because it’s on YouTube, it’s completely free and a goldmine for primary teachers.We’ve listed channels below that are great for quickly getting up to speed on science topics and some that are great for showing to your class at the start of a lesson.

Our top five ‘science for all’ YouTube channels:

1. SciShow – really useful YouTube channel. Clear explanations of some tricky concepts. Lots of frequently asked, fun science questions. Has a collection of videos all about key figures in science (past and present), which would be perfect for children’s research.” To read further please click here:


Sep 12

7 important YouTube Tips for Teachers

By: Med Kharbach

youtube2“YouTube is undoubtedly a great source of educational video content to use with students in class. whether you are looking for subject specific content or generic insights elated to professional development and teaching, YouTube’s video library has you covered. YouTube is also a versatile video editor where you can create and edit your own videos. It actually provides all the editing features you would normally find in a pro video editing software and all for free.

Given the growing educational potential of YouTube, we have created a section in this blog where we share a plethora of resources to help you make the best out of this platform in your own teaching. And in Today’s post  we are featuring more interesting tips to keep in mind when using YouTube :” To read further please click here: