Jul 11

A New Way to Connect Teachers With Technology

By:Bill Gates

scared-of-technology“Suppose a math teacher is looking for a web site that will help her class learn about fractions. Where should she start her search? How would she know whether to use Quizlet or the Khan Academy? She can ask her colleagues, but their recommendations might not fit her teaching style or her students’ needs. She will waste a lot of time sorting through the options.

This isn’t a theoretical problem. I’ve heard from teachers who described just this kind of situation. When it comes to finding high-quality education technology, most teachers are on their own.

That’s not fair to teachers or students, and it’s holding back progress in our schools.

I’m very optimistic about the potential of technology to transform education and help every teacher and student excel. Melinda and I meet regularly with a team of experts to review the latest exciting innovations in educational technology, everything from video games that help students learn algebra to lectures they can watch online. There’s a lot of amazing work going on, but teachers need more support to understand what’s out there, what works, and how to use it.

I’m excited to launch a new free product called Graphite in collaboration with Common Sense Media. Graphite will focus initially on ratings and reviews for educational web sites, apps, and services. A staff of experienced educators will offer their own editorial reviews. We’re also building an active community of teachers who are using these products and sharing their own opinions. The video above explains more about how Graphite will work.” To read further please click here:  http://www.gatesnotes.com/Education/Graphite-Connecting-Teachers-with-Technology


Jul 11

Cloud storage vs. external hard drives: Which really offers the best bang for your buck?

By:Ben Taylor

storage-bang-for-buck_primary-100355539-large“By now, you know the basic arguments in the on-site versus off-site storage debate. External hard drives are fast (everything backed up in minutes!) and safe from hackers (you control the data), but are susceptible to theft, fire, and hard drive failure. Meanwhile, cloud solutions provide ongoing, reliable service, but are slower than on-site solutions, and (theoretically) more vulnerable to hackers.

But for today, let’s put aside the usual arguments and focus strictly on cost. Assuming your data will not be hacked, stolen, or burnt to a crisp in a house fire, which solution—cloud storage or an external hard drive—is more cost effective, byte for byte?” to read further please click here:  

Jul 11

5 More Cool Tools to Take Classroom Collaboration to a New Level

By:Alan John

Collaboration-team-work.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Jf_WSBWV8u“The 2014 Gates Foundation report, Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want from Digital Instructional Tools, informed us that teachers want tools that support student collaboration and provide interactive experiences. Through collaboration, students are able to learn team building, which benefits them for the rest of their lives.

Collaboration is an activity that allows students to team up to brainstorm and work on a same project. Teachers appreciate collaboration in the classroom because it encourages student participation and engages them, opening them to further learning. These types of tools can also be fun!

For the teacher, classroom collaboration is also a way to learn what students are thinking, which in turn can inform how best to teach them.” To read further please click here: