May 05

4 Things Kindergarten Teachers Want You to Know

By: Karen and Tom Buchanan

kindyg“Kindergarten teachers are passionate about partnering with the families of their students. When families and teachers work together, kids win!

Here are four things that kindergarten teachers want you know.

1. Parents Play a Critical Role

Kindergarten teachers value you as your child’s first teacher. They are honored to take their place as another significant adult in your child’s life. Kindergarten teachers want to facilitate your child’s continued development and help him learn how to be a successful student in a school setting.

What you can do:

● Welcome your child’s kindergarten teachers as an important partner in your child’s development.” To read further please click here:

Feb 09

Independent Reading: A look in a kindergarten classroom

By:  Katie Keier

book corner“Independent reading time is a key component of any reader’s workshop. It looks different at every grade level. What’s important is that we have a time, daily, for kids to read by themselves or with a partner, to choose what they read, and to have time to talk about what they are reading. In my kindergarten classroom, we have book boxes and a book box time every day.  Every child has their own box. Inside the box is a variety of books. There is a Ziplock bag with their “just-right” books. In the bag there are guided reading books, paper books that we have read together as shared reading charts throughout the week,” To read further please click here:

Nov 02

One Kindergarten Class & Teacher That Truly ROCKS….Like An Alphabet!

By: Shannon McClintock Miller

kindyy“My amazing friend Art Avina and his beautiful kindergarten class does it again!

This time they are back with this awesome production called Like An Alphabet.  At LAUDS’s Olympic Primary Center, Art and his little friends created a Madonna-inspired instructional video including 26 spirited mini-music videos about each letter of the alphabet.

Art and I became friends two years ago when he shared the video Miss Nelson Is Missing with me on Twitter.  We started connecting our classes and they even came to visit our horse Roman over Skype one day.

There was a wonderful article in the LA Times last week about Art and his kindergarteners. You must read In This Innovative Kindergarten Class, ‘A’ Is For Action! ….it is such an inspiring story.” To read further please click here:

Jul 21

The butterfly unit in preschool

By:Deborah J Stewart

butterflyLast year, I had a parent give my class one of the best gifts ever. She gave us a butterfly kit. I hadn’t ever had one of these kits before and I was so worried that somehow I would mess it up along the way, but I followed the directions and my class and I were amazed with the process of watching a set of real caterpillars transform into butterflies…”  To read further please click here: