Nov 09

How Schools are Using Apps to Engage Students, Parents and the Community

By: Chirag Leuva

apps“When the whole world is practically taken over by mobile apps schools and education system just cannot shy away from this reality. Actually apps should be taken as the new opportune frontier for offering smart education to the children and students of 21st century.

Most children today are familiar with the mobile apps even from their pre-school days. Naturally they have a natural inclination to get engaged with mobile apps. Moreover mobile apps offer the most innovative ways to make learners engage and study. In every year increasing number of schools are coming with new mobile apps. Whether offering learning modules for students or connecting faculty or guardians – mobile apps can effectively add immense value to our educational system.

Engaging teachers, students and parents

Mobile apps more than gaming, shopping and video watching experience offer an array of meaningful ways to engage teachers, students and parents. An app can provide ready in hand news and event updates concerning schools. It can further inform guardians regarding courses, timings, class schedules, school policies, etc. From offering school location in a digital map to suggesting lunch menus to facilitating queries and replies among the students, an app can creatively take the education beyond stereotype boundaries. Apps can also provide a nice avenue to get information on results and individual student information. From tracking attendance record of your son to seeing teacher’s comments and suggestions to getting scoreboard, you can always remain updated on your son’s education thanks to a mobile app. Many distant learning programs are increasingly viewing mobile app as the best bet for offering real time online education at an affordable price.” To read further please click here:

Oct 23

TeacherKit: Favorite Classroom Management App of October

By: Ann Elliot

teacherkit“Used by more than one million teachers worldwide, TeacherKit is a classroom management app that easily organizes classes and manages grades and students. The app comes in 13 languages and is compatible with all Windows devices as well as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

What appealed to me most about the TeacherKit app is its multi-functionality. Most apps allow teachers to perform only one or two of the functions that TeacherKit offers. After trying out several classroom management apps in my classes, I now tell colleagues who bemoan administrative chores to download TeacherKit. Its customizability, ease of use, and utility make it the top app of its kind.” To read further please click here:

Sep 04

Free iPad App Lets Teachers Give Quick Feedback

By:Dian Schaffhauser

apps2“A new, free app for the iPad allows teachers to give students quick feedback in multiple forms. Created by a former Chicago high school teacher, Classkickshows students’ efforts on the iPad in a whiteboard-like environment as they work through problems and activities, allowing the instructor to provide real-time feedback.

The app includes “quick buttons,” a list of common responses the teacher will use in his or her comments, which can be plucked from the list and dropped onto a student’s whiteboard. “Stickers” serve a similar purpose, enabling the instructor to provide a virtual gold star to the learner’s work.

To create a lesson the teacher can grab a screenshot from another source, such as a Web page, crop the content to create a digital worksheet, add images and audio and rearrange assignments.” To read further please click here:

Aug 30

A Great New iPad App for Digital Portfolios and More

By: Richard Byrne

digitalportfoliosWeLearnedIt is the latest offering from Adam Bellow and eduClipper. WeLearnedIt offers many of the great features of eduClipper that you currently enjoy along with additional digital portfolio elements. Through the WeLearnedIt iPad app you and your students can create digital portfolios that contain files from Google Drive, Dropbox, links from the web, images and videos captured with your iPad, and whiteboard videos created within the WeLearnedIt app.”To read further please click here:


Aug 27

Best educational apps for middle schoolers

By: Kelly Hodgkins

starwalk2-mainIt’s that time of the year again when parents, teachers and students start thinking about heading back to school. If you have an iOS device, you can supplement your child’s education and stimulate them to get involved with quality educational iOS apps. Here are some of the best titles for children in the middle school-aged group: To read further please click here:  


Jul 26

Create Alphabet Books on Your iPad

By:Richard Byrne

alpphalphabet Organizer is a free iPad app offered by Read Write Think. The app is designed to help students learn the alphabet and learn new words.

Once you have created a profile or selected a profile onAlphabet Organizer you are ready to start building alphabet charts and books. In the first screen you will given the choice of making simple word lists or making word lists with pictures and definitions. Should you choose to use pictures you will have to find the pictures somewhere outside of the app and import them to the app. You can make lists for every letter of the alphabet or make lists for just a few letters at a time. After making your lists you can move on to having those lists used in printable charts or picture book pages.” To read further please click here:

Jul 17

Symbaloo EDU: Easily Organize All Your Websites

By: Matt B.Gomez

symbalooI have posted in the past about how I use Symbaloo to organize the websites my class visits and I wanted to updated that post as some of the features on SymbalooEDU have changed. The video below will walk you through that process as well as highlight some of the basic steps in getting started with SymbalooEDU. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments and I will answer them the best I can:  To read further please click here:

Jul 11

5 More Cool Tools to Take Classroom Collaboration to a New Level

By:Alan John

Collaboration-team-work.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Jf_WSBWV8u“The 2014 Gates Foundation report, Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want from Digital Instructional Tools, informed us that teachers want tools that support student collaboration and provide interactive experiences. Through collaboration, students are able to learn team building, which benefits them for the rest of their lives.

Collaboration is an activity that allows students to team up to brainstorm and work on a same project. Teachers appreciate collaboration in the classroom because it encourages student participation and engages them, opening them to further learning. These types of tools can also be fun!

For the teacher, classroom collaboration is also a way to learn what students are thinking, which in turn can inform how best to teach them.” To read further please click here: