BYOD Is Shaping Education in the 21st Century

By: Brian Meller

flickeringbrad-smileipad“It’s important for education systems to provide students and staff with the tools they need to build proper skills for the 21st century. Perhaps one of the most important lessons schools must accept is that technology integration in the classroom is a must. With technology, everyday learning will be able to meet society’s ever growing expectations and prepare students for the real world.

And guess what? BYOD (bring your own device) is being adopted by hundreds (if not thousands) of schools. BYOD is sweeping the nation — and for good reason.

7 benefits of BYOD in education

Increases access to technology in the classroom

Many school districts don’t have the budget to implement a 1:1 program (everyone has the same device). That’s fine because most students have more current, powerful, and flexible devices than those offered by their school. So students who have their own device can bring it, and those who don’t can use the school’s.

Saves school’s money

BYOD enables teachers to implement technology in the classroom even if they don’t have the budget to give every student access to a tablet or computer. Students with their own devices are also in charge of the maintenance, so if their device breaks they are responsible for replacing it.”To read further please click here:

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