Bridging Parents and Teachers

By: Mathew R. Morris

parents teachers“How do we get parents more involved in the education of their children? How do we facilitate a stronger relationship between teachers and parents? These are two questions that need to be addressed as we move forward in this educational revolution.Creating a nurturing relationship between teachers and parents can be realized when both parties wholeheartedly understand that the student comes first. Yes, it sounds cliché but when teachers have to instruct, manage and negotiate with 30 students on a daily basis, the priority of creating a bridge between teachers and parents gets lost. Ideally, I should have called the parents of each of my 28 students at some point during the first two weeks of school. I should have began to build parent engagement based on fostering a fruitful and empowering relationship that would ultimately benefit each of my students. But I didn’t”: To read further please click here:

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