Blogging to Learn

By:Susan Oxnevad

Blog-image“As the start of the school year approaches, educators are all busy preparing for the best school year ever. As life-long learners, many of us will approach the new year with excitement and optimism after reflecting on our own teaching during our time away from the classroom. Those of us who sport a growth mindset typically start each school year with the intention of being better. We have collected new ideas, thoughtfully considered how to implement them and we are excited to make a difference in the lives and education of our students. I truly believe that all educators should consider blogging as a tool for learning and this seems like the perfect opportunity to once again try to encourage all educators to blog!

Why I Blog

Blogging about experiences makes me accountable for taking the time to thoughtfully reflect on teaching and pursue ways to kick the learning up a notch. I learn more from blogging than from any other professional activity I participate in. Quite simply, I blog to learn. “To read further please click here:

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