Blended Learning: 3 Stories of Success

By:  Jessica Slusser

blending“Many educators and school leaders are ready to move from the “why” do blended learning to the “how” to do blended learning. While our blended learning implementation guideprovides step by step directions to start implementing a blended program, it’s often helpful to see real-life examples of schools who exemplify and understand the importance of implementation with fidelity. Schools can purchase and have the best blended technology and devices on the market, but without effective implementation, and a strategy for sustainability and data usage the impact on student learning may be compromised.

Join me on a field trip to three schools currently using i-Ready, adaptive learning software created by Getting Smart Advocacy Partner, Curriculum Associates. I hope these schools, their implementation stories and strategies inspire you to start a movement in your school.” To read further please click here:

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