Beyond the Chalkboard: 5 Apps That Will Change the Way Your Students Learn

By:Aiden Wolfe

ipad-2-review-44111-1024x678“Despite technology’s onward march, the fundamentals of teaching have remained relatively unchanged. Sure, phones are smarter and software is freakishly advanced, but the role of a well-informed, caring adult is more important than ever — someone who connects to the student on a human level, shepherding the often overwhelming path to subject comprehension.

In light of this, the mere notion of altering tried-and-true methods of teaching is met with skepticism, even outright hostility by many lifelong educators. Be that as it may, turning a blind eye to the unprecedented needs of digital natives benefits no one. We are, after all, talking about children that learn to use mobile apps before tying their own shoelaces.

Quality educational technology seeks to enhance, not obliterate, the role of teachers. Indeed, having an engaged classroom is half the battle, and the apps listed below assist brilliantly in accomplishing just that.” To read further please click here:

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