Before you go back to school, choose just one tool

By:Amanda Dykes

tecchnology“Summer is wrapping up. If you are like me you probably attended conferences, read a lot of blog posts and books, or spent more time than usual on social media learning about new things to use in your classroom. But now you are getting ready for back to school.  It can get overwhelming to try to use all the new information you learned about, especially if that includes new technology tools.

When you start school this year, choose one tool to use all year long. Not just for one cool lesson, but one that you can introduce at the beginning of the year and build on as the year goes on. This will give you and your students a common technology to use regularly.  Then take the others and insert into one unit you teach. This will give you time to be more comfortable with it as well as give you a chance to choose one that fits with the pedagogy and theme of your unit.” To read further please click here:

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