Back to School Part 4: Planning

By:David Didau

learning blog“So far in this back to school series we’ve covered establishing clear routines, building relationships and an awareness of the need to make language and literacy explicit in lessons. This next post concerns itself with the time consuming business of planning.

As a new teacher, lesson planning seemed to suck up almost all of my available time and energy. Looking back over those frenetic early years it’s become increasingly clear that I wasted an awful lot of effort designing activities rather than considering what my students needed to learn.  That is to say, I put most of my effort into things that had only a marginal impact on students’ learning.

Teachers’ time is precious and time spent cutting out card sorts is time you can’t spend doing something more productive. If you want to spend hours producing beautifully crafted resources that’s fine; your personal life is your own. But before you do consider these points:

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