Auditing Your Classroom Environment: What Does Your Space Reveal About Your Values?

By: Angela Stockman

classroommss“What we believe about children and teaching and learning is made visible in the way we design our classrooms. Instruction isn’t the only way we influence learning. The choices we make about classroom environment reveal much about the difference we’re trying to make for kids.

Have you ever audited your space and considered how your design choices align to your beliefs, your values, and your vision? Consider using this protocol.
1. Define: Before you begin, take some time to articulate the vision of the teacher you hope to be and the learners you hope to shape. What are your values? What do you believe in? Who do you want your students to become, as a result of your relationship with them? Craft a vision statement that makes these answers transparent.

2. Notice: Grab a camera, and give yourself a bit of time to work when the room is empty. Begin with a wide lens, taking a photo of each wall of your classroom and the way the floorspace is divided and filled. Then, zoom in a bit: shoot the contents of your bookshelves, bulletin boards, centers, and any other space that has been defined with clear intention. After you’ve captured images of your empty classroom, be sure to take some photos of your students at work within the space as well.” To read further please click here:

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