Assessment for Learning strategies

By: Kate Jones

learning1“AfL was initially an area of my teaching that I would describe as a weakness, especially the plenary task at the end of the lesson. I would find myself running out of time, rushing and not spending enough time on reflecting and setting targets. I’ve done lots of research into this area of teaching  from reading articles online by Dylan William, books including 100 ideas for Secondary teachers: Assessment for Learning by David Spendlove and finding what other teachers have shared online via Twitter, TES etc. I now feel more confident about my AfL strategies, that I have embedded into every lesson and not just including a more thorough plenary. Here are some strategies I have adapted and collected from other teachers and I have created myself. These idea’s have been tried in my classroom and proven to be successful and other teachers have adapted these ideas to work within their lessons and with their students. ” To read further please click here:

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