Appreciating Terrific Teachers: 10 Things Parents Can Do to Show Their Support

By: Angela Stockman

teacher6“October typically marks the end of the back-to-school honeymoon in our home, and this year, the transition has been easier than ever. My daughter Laura is a freshman in college this year, and my daughter Nina is a high school sophomore. Both girls are enjoying their classes and thoroughly appreciating their teachers, and I can’t tell you the satisfaction this brings to our entire family.

Each day, one of them has a new story to share about something they’re learning, something they’re discovering about themselves as learners, or something their teachers have done that they deeply appreciate. My children are older, and they certainly aren’t clamoring for my up close and personal involvement in their schooling, but a huge part of me wishes I could follow them around to all of their classes. I’d love to be able to thank their terrific teachers in person each day because I know from experience that this is a rare occurrence.

I’m wondering what you do to support the terrific teachers who serve your family so well. These are the best ideas I’ve gathered over the years. Some are my own, and in fact, some of my kids’ former teachers may recognize them.  A few of these things were inspired by my friends and by the kindness of my colleagues too, though. If you have an idea to share, I hope that you’ll jump into the comments. This is certainly a list that’s worth building on.” To read further please click here:

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