An introduction to Scaffolded Social Learning

By: Julian Stodd

kkidsWhat is Social Learning?

Formal learning is what we do in classrooms, in eLearning modules, in workbooks. Formal learning is any type of learning that is written and delivered by the Organisation and sent out to people to complete. Formal learning is what many organisations rely on to get people to learn ‘stuff‘.Social Learning is about the conversations that surround this: it’s about the wisdom of the community and the wealth of experience that this is founded upon

. Social Learning is about helping each other, building learning networks, solving problems together and sharing stories. This is sometimes called ‘tacit‘ or ‘tribal‘ knowledge, and it’s the things you already know, alongside what everyone you know knows.When we talk about creating Social Learning within an organisation, we mean creating a learning journey that incorporates both of these elements: the formal and the social.” To read further please click here:

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